Attaching tzitzyot with safety pins is the #1 complaint among women because they don't always wear pants with belts. Women like the option of wearing dresses but using safety pins on a dress to attach tzitzyot is awkward and detracts from the overall look. Plus, putting holes in the fabric is eventually going to wear and get larger with repeated washing. This will shorten the life of your garment.

But with a Tzitzit Belt, there is no piercing of the fabric. Each tzitzyot is attached using a decorative button.
No More Safety Pins!

Simple yet effective!
No More Grommets!
Grommets pierce the fabric just like safety pins do, only the hole is bigger! Also, grommets are not fabric-friendly depending on the fabric. When using grommets, you also have to purchase a special grommet making machine which can be pricey. When washing the clothing or changing, you have to detach each tzitzyot each time, if you can. This can be time-consuming.
No More Tying to Belt Loops!
With a Tzitzit Belt, there is no fumbling around with tying the tzitzyot, then untying them, then tying them again. Once the tzitzyot are in place, it stays there until you decide when to remove them for washing the belt or exchanging tzitzyot for one of your own. Our customers say that this is a huge convenience!
The Tzitzit Belt, (patent pending) is a new, innovative garment breaking new ground in Covenant-loyal communities! It's a modern adaptation of the Tallit Katan but without any of the inconveniences associated with attaching your tzitzyot. Not only is this ideal for women, but we had you ladies in mind when designing it! We didn't forget about the fellas. We've got styles that we think you'll like as well!  Nothing like this has ever existed until now! The entire family can wear these with any outfit and look good doing it!
The Tzitzit Belt Will Not Interfere With Other Clothing!
The traditional way of wearing your fringe is to wear a tallit katan, or arba kanfot pictured below.
The styles vary slightly but they're all very much alike. The tallit katan is designed to be worn underneath your clothing. Notice the neckline and the shoulder area. These areas might present a problem with peeking through depending on the outfit you wear. And because of this, you are limited to what you wear. But the Tzitzit Belt is a modern adaptation of the tallit katan and will not interfere with any of your clothing because it's worn around your waist. You can wear it under your shirt or over if you choose. Ladies, you can wear a dress or skirt with no worries!
No Repititon of Putting on and Taking Off.
No more tying and untying each individual tzitzyot. The entire Tzitzit Belt is one unit. Removing the Tzitzit Belt means removing the tzitzyot along with it at the same time. Our Tzitzit Belts eliminate the tedious and time-consuming repetition of attaching and removing tzitzyot.
Fastens With Velcro for Quick and Convenient Removal
Velcro is a very strong attachment that won't come lose accidentally. It remains firmly in tact whether active or at leisure.What could be faster and easier at removing a belt than just taking it from behind and pulling it off?
Size Can Be Adjusted
The velcro strips are about about 3" long which allows for adjustments. If you wear a regular belt underneath, which adds to the circumference of your waist, then the Tzitzit Belt simply wraps around your existing belt and can be adjusted accordingly.
Durability and Washer/Dryer Safe
Out Tzitzit Belts are lined with medium weight, polyester interfacing for added stability. This means it's no flimsy garment! You can wash it on medium and tumble dry as usual. Just remember to remove the tzitzyot beforehand. And when dry, just press with an iron if needed.

* Our Denim Tzitzit Belt is not lined because it is already thick and durable.

* Our Happy Hanukkah Tzitzit Belt has  light-weight interfacing due to the thickness of the fabric.
We think you'll agree that solving problems and incoveniences associated with attaching tzitzyot have never looked so good than with our Tzitzit Belts! These Tzitzit Belts are for the entire family and are very reasonably priced!

Now we have even more ways in which to attach your tzitzyot. Visit our Tallit Home Page to see our latest items.
What Makes Tzitzit Belts the Best Choice for Attaching Tzitzyot?