Are tzitzit for men only?
If you follow the Rabbinical teachings, then yes, they are just for men. But Torah says it's for Israel, which includes males and females. Read Num 15:38-40. There are many other Rabbinical teachings (i.e. teachings of man) that are of tradition and not in truth, which Yeshua came to teach in. For instance, the shade of blue is not specified in Torah, nor does it say where to get it from, nor is there a size criteria, nor is there a length requirement except that it must been visible to you, nor is there a specific manner of attachment. The truth is, Yahweh gives us some freedom in this mitzvah. But the Rabbi's see it differently, they think that due to the lack of instruction on every minute detail, that they must fill in the blanks in order to guide us. It's this same type of thinking that lead to them 'adding' and 'subtracting' from the commandments, making it legalistic and impossible to follow. But the mitzvoth, as written in Torah, is not burdensome - as long as we follow what it says and do not add or subtract.